3 tips for fitness beginners

   For beginners who have just entered fitness! Because of lack of experience and lack of knowledge, often make some mistakes, leading to the fitness of the road more difficult!

The groundwork with free weight

1.The groundwork with free weight:
Fixed instruments are often used as a starting point for the study of weight training! Easy to master, but not good for long-term development! A fixed instrument is always an action that will not allow you to learn the right technique,
A fixed orbit that does not conform to the trajectory of the human body! This is not our natural action! Although there will be short-term muscle or power growth, but not long!
But in the long-term fixed equipment on the strength is very difficult to transfer to the free weight, although you did Smith do a good job, but may use free bar empty bar will stagger!
Fixed equipment also has its benefits, but never let him be your guide! Do not try to practice a good fixture on everything OK! Perhaps the barbell dumbbell just started to learn it is very difficult to grasp, but can give you long-term development!

Patient fitness

2. Be patient:
The best training plan is not less than 3 times a week the world’s attention to basic training, action, and stick to it like a idiot!
Do not learn to go to run is the most prone to many fitness problems! Not to action will want to add weight, see others doing fun also try, do not know the action principle!
This is not only to obtain good training effect, but also easy to hit the confidence, finally may see some results, but is completely indigenous!
Do not fantasize about one or two years to become fitness Daren, patience, slowly to optimize your action technology, improve the lack of load gradually! Lay the foundation! When your actions are more stable each day, you do it right when there is no discomfort!

Learn modestly fitness

3. Learn modestly:
For beginners! Perhaps the biggest limitation is the lack of fitness knowledge!
You can’t know what’s right or wrong without a certain amount of knowledge! I don’t know how to fix it!
To read a book, from the foundation of the movement of the plane began to understand the muscles, bones, joints! Understand their form, function, characteristics! And then applied to the actual training, to analyze the movement of a training, what is involved in the joint movement? What motion plane? What are the specific muscles involved? Their roles? Wait!
Sports training is a profound science! Never end, but if you want to become a fitness Master, train hard and need to do a lot of homework!

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