Different ages choose fitness equipment skills

   Fitness equipment there are a variety of types, so how to choose their own fitness equipment? This should be based on different groups of people of different ages, the choice of fitness equipment is not the same.

choose fitness equipment skills

   Woman: most of the fitness for the purpose of downsizing, should choose a clever way of fitness. For the 1.5 to 2 kilograms of dumbbells, abdomenizer, fitness turntable and other fitness equipment.

   Man: fitness should focus on exercise cardiopulmonary function and muscle. Suggested use strength fitness equipment, such as multi gym, weight lifting, dumbbells, abs board, pushing machine, spinning bike, etc.

   Youth: fitness is mainly in order to increase muscle strength, the amount of exercise is relatively large, but also to pay attention to scientific and comprehensive. Choice can let oneself grow up fitness equipment, such as chest, grip, dumbbell, supine support frame, a multifunctional treadmill, etc.

   Old man: fitness mainly to increase muscle, invigorate the circulation for the purpose. Advised to choose a treadmill and stationary bike is not easy to cause injury of the machines.

   Office worker: long-term work fatigue, can exercise to refreshing. Suitable for the selection of leisure fitness equipment, such as rowing machine, climbing machine, elliptical machine, and so on.