Do aerobic exercise, why should be more than 20 minutes to be effective?

  People who are accustomed to doing aerobic exercise know that the aerobic exercise must last for more than 20 minutes to be effective. But why is the “20 minutes”? Japan’s well-known fitness coach is, the body’s energy from fat and sugars (carbohydrates) to exercise will consume a large amount of carbohydrates, and then slowly began to burn fat, and “20 minutes” the body is burning fat turns into a lot of time.

  In addition, it is not time to control the fat content when doing aerobic exercise, but the “load”. Large load (a breathless) aerobic exercise is mainly sugar consumption, load small (slightly faster breathing rates, but also talk with others) aerobic exercise is the consumption of fat.


Effect of aerobic exercise in 10 minutes

As long as 10 minutes to do aerobic exercise, can achieve the effect of fat burning. Even after 5 minutes of exercise, take a break, and then exercise for 5 minutes, can still achieve the effect of 10 minutes of exercise.

As for what types of aerobic exercise have a slimming effect? The famous Japanese trainer in the wild James built in the lower part of the body “, which decide the life you” in one book, efficient aerobic exercise is “brisk walking”, as long as a little change walking style, can achieve more the oil is more effective than the running effect.

Running speed of 7 ~ 8 km is the most easy running speed
Why is it the “go” instead of the “run”? It turns out that the “walking” and “running” speed limit is 8 kilometers per hour. On the treadmill as an example, if the speed of 5 km from the get go, slowly lifting speed, was not what problem, but when the speed of more than 7 kilometers, you will find this is the walking limit, run is still relatively easy.


Whenever there is a jogging beginner to ask me about the running speed of the problem, my answer is: “7 to 8 kilometers per hour”. Although each person’s situation is different, but basically this is not the most on the body burden, relax the running speed.
Brisk walking is more calories than running.

“7 kilometers per hour” is the limit of the general human walking speed, no burden, on the human body is the most happy relaxed running speed. But, it is wonderful, this speed is used to run instead will reduce calorie consumption. That is to say, in the “speed of 7 kilometers” under the premise of the “walk” than “running” can consume more calories.

“Brisk walking method”, strode straight back, keep out of some micro speed. In this way, even if you do not have to run, but also to achieve the effect of aerobic exercise and jogging, and even more calories than running!

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