How Many Calories Can Be Burned by Doing Pushups?

Doing Pushups

  Pushups condition all the main muscles in the upper body, including chest, back, shoulders and arms. They also benefit the core which supports and aligns the body during movement and exercise. Pushups help to increase bone mass and metabolism, and develop lean muscles. But how do pushups compare to other exercises?

  In terms of calories burned, pushups can be of some help, but the exact amount varies depending on your weight and your speed of exercise. Higher weight means you will be pushing up more weight and therefore leads to burning of more calories. Pushing up faster quickens your heart rate and causes your body to burn more calories.

Pushups exerciese

Calories Burned During Pushups by Body Weight and Exercise Time

120 Pounds 150 Pounds 200 Pounds 250 Pounds
5 Mins 36 Cal 45 Cal 60 Cal 75 Cal
10 Mins 72 Cal 90 Cal 120 Cal 150 Cal
20 Mins 144 Cal 180 Cal 240 Cal 300 Cal
30 Mins 216 Cal 270 Cal 360 Cal 450 Cal
60 Mins 432 Cal 540 Cal 720 Cal 900 Cal

The table shows that by doing pushups for 30 minutes or longer, you can burn a substantial amount of calories. However, pushing up for 30 minutes is a real challenge; most people can’t keep doing pushups for so long time. Actually, a few pushups will only burn few calories.


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