How many times do you need to fitness exercise in a week?

   This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer is: it depends on each person’s body to rest period, and your body rest period depends on:

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   Your fitness level: the more professional bodybuilders exercise every time need rest time is longer. Why is that? Because your body’s overall level, endurance strength, muscle content increased, more can let myself to the limit, every time you training can try our best to let oneself more “fatigue”, so you need to have a rest after each training time is longer, let the body to recover. If you are a beginner and amateurs, can often exercise frequently.

   Sleep: enough sleep makes you body recover faster after training every time, also can let you more frequently fitness effectively.

   Diet: don’t let yourself go hungry, eat plenty of protein, is fitness “strength”, also need to replenish the lost of carbohydrates and proteins after each workout, so the body recover faster, are more often to work out effectively.

   Age: as the growth of the age, rest period also increases correspondingly.

Try to exercise every day for a while

   Basic principle is: every training than the last time a breakthrough, if successive a few times no breakthrough, even scores declined, you need more rest, because of your lack of sleep, an imbalanced diet nutrition is comprehensive and training method has a problem.

Try to exercise every day for a while, even if only a few minutes.

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