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    We are a professional multi gym manufacturers, home gym manufacturers suppliers in China, which can supply all kinds of multi gym and home gym as customer requirements. Being the leader of this domain, we are offering a vast range of multi gym that are known for their robust construction, high efficiency, and long service life. These multi gyms are fabricated from top quality materials and with the help of latest machinery and updated technology. These multi gyms are at par with the international quality standards. Multi gym, also commonly known as a universal machine or home gym. multi gym is treasured exercise equipment that helps you create different types of exercises to meet your health and fitness goals. Multi gym is superb for sculpturing your physique and this is achieved by way of toning and honing your muscles. You can broaden your shoulders, condition your arms and chest and develop your pectoral muscle. In fact, you can perform almost any workout on a multi gym and access full body workouts.

    Most multi gym utilize weight stacks or resistance cables to create resistance. You can set resistance settings to perform the same exercises at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. Most importantly, you can do traditional muscle-building exercises.

    They also allow you basic arm exercise options where you can do pull-downs, chest presses, and butterfly pec flyes. You also can perform biceps curls, rowing, iron crosses, hamstring curls, triceps extensions, arm raises and a variety of sit-ups, crunches and other core exercises. Furthermore, you can strengthen your leg muscles to enhance your running and powering up hills which is made possible via increased muscular strength and endurance. Multi gym usually comes with a leg developer to enable you to exercise your legs. Typically, you can do leg extensions or leg curls while some also offer leg presses.

    Multi gyms are further divided into three categories, they are the compact multi gym, standard multi gym and Multi-stack multi-gym.

compact multi gym
The compact multi gym is for those individuals that have limited space and floor area in their premises. Further, where one is on a low strict budget purchase of compact multi gym is most convenient. Convenience also tackles in where the equipment is purchased for a home gym.

Standard multi gym
This gym equipment is best suited for those individuals who have adequate space and floor area

Multi stack multi gym
The multi stack multi gym is also a type of multi gym equipment. This gym equipment is for the advanced trainer. It is complete with all gym equipment that an advanced user could need for training. Different multi gym equipment varies in terms of resistance and the size of the body of the trainer.

    Below are multi gym pictures, which we made for our customers for your reference. If you want to get more about multi gym pictures and details, please contact us, we will send more pictures for your reference, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory!


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