What kind of equipment in the gym can lose weight fast?

   Also in the gym training, some people lose weight effect is very significant, some people are very hard but very poor. In fact, the gym equipment has its own training direction, such as endurance training equipment to lose weight the best effect.

Rowing machine-Fitness equipment

Rowing machine

   Rowing is a long and steady practice, not so easy to maintain the strength and correct posture in all exercises. The trick is to start with moderate resistance to 4-6. Each 10 minutes of practice, the middle of the rest 2-3 minutes. So that the heart rate does not reduce all the way, you can always ready to increase the intensity.

   Dallas aerobics center sports scientist Zach Barksdale pointed out that too much running around the lack of left and right movement, will make the joints quickly fatigue, but also make the body quickly fatigue. So we need to improve the flexibility of the step is more flexible. Try swinging legs: hold the handle with both hands, stand on one leg, swing the other leg, the upper body straight. This helps to warm up and relax, making the legs more flexible.

   Long time stability. The rhythm is not easy to make people tired, it is difficult to do 100% feet. Can run a little short, but a little stronger, combined with speed and slope. This muscle can be more pleasant to fatigue, more use of reserve energy, resulting in a more effective way to burn fat. Start with a slope of 2%, run a few groups and then increase to 10% slopes (then walk), the greater the intensity, the shorter the time required.

   Indianapolis Sporting Club Hotel health fitness center director Brian Holtz said: “improper posture is the most common seat is too high or too low.” If the seat is too low, it will greatly increase leg fatigue, but also to bring pressure on the knee. If the seat is too high, not only from time to time on both sides of the crotch twist, comfortable and reduce efficiency, and looks very funny.
So to adjust the seat. Sit up, against the foot pedal central, legs fully extended down, just reach the lowest point of the pedal rotation, so that all the forces can be used, no waste of energy will not cause fatigue of the knee and thigh.

   Even if the posture is correct, many people still practice cruise strength rather than speed. Speed riding is a good way. Advanced 2-3 minutes of high-intensity riding, rest for 3 minutes, and then repeat for 15 minutes.

running machine-fitness equipment

Running cross

   Too little resistance is a common mistake. Some people do it too fast, almost by inertia and momentum, not by force. Therefore need to set a certain resistance, always can not be a good taxi. When you make up your mind to practice, feel like you are pushing yourself. Need not pedal shaking weight, free to toggle. After a sense of balance, the hands can be placed on both sides of the body through the middle of the muscles to maintain physical stability.

   But this kind of exercise is also easy to fall into the dry cycle. We recommend using a segmented exercise to achieve a higher level of strength over a period of time. Try the next 90 seconds every few minutes and recover in about 180 seconds. When the body condition is improved, it can reduce the rest time.

Rope skipping-fitness exercise

Rope skipping

   We can see that boxers keep jumping on the stage, so do they practice jumping?. Not to frighten opponents before, nor to show off, but to strengthen the function of heart and lung. 10 minutes of rope skipping calories are equivalent to the amount of calories burned in 30 minutes of running, and help shape the body.

   Balance: the weight of the body is supported by the soles of the feet and the knees are bent. Don’t jump too high, upper body straight, eyes forward. The elbows close to the body on both sides of the wrist, double throw in a small circle.

   Jump: just a slight beat from the ankle. Legs, knees and hips, foot pedal, leaping toes down.

   Landing: gently landing, from ankle, knee. In the common vibration absorption, and the ground contact should be as short as possible, do not touch the ground heel from beginning to end. Don’t jump two times, that’s too easy.

   Alternative: the use of alternate to hop. When the rope comes back, change it to another one. Continuous feet, feeling like a trot. Find your rhythm and raise your knees.

   Exercise: start each jump 10 groups, a group of 10; to be proficient in the proportion of 10:6 to increase the number of times each group, until a group of 100 times; the last jump for 5-10 minutes.

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